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Public transport

Norwegian fly from Oslo Airport, Gardermoen to Bardufoss Airport 2-3 times a day. From here you can take a rental car or taxi to Viken senter.

Several airline companies fly to Harstad / Narvik airport, Evenes and Tromsø airport. It takes one and a half hours by taxi or car from Harstad / Narvik Airport, Evenes, and two and a half hours from Tromsø airport.

With car

Follow E6 to Setermoen, and take highway 847 eastwards towards Altevatnet for 7 kilometers. It is the sign to Viken senter. The address you can enter in the GPS is Vikenveien 66, 9360 Bardu.

On arrival

Park the car in the parking lot and go down to the Midttunet (see signs). Please do not park at the engine heaters as they are for employees. After 03.30 PM and on weekends contact the staff at 77 18 99 00.